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2013 Toscana

220 km Distance
2,710 m Ascent
2,710 m Descent

(2 ratings)

Cycling tour 2013 Tuscany

Sept / October

Come to Florence Friday. Inge was with a hairdresser and we strolled around the city. Dinner together with Lisbeth Stavik and Egil Tautra in the evening. Bente and Oddvar arrived late.

28th Sept. Fun day in town. The bikes came in the morning.

29th Sept. Cycled up to Fiesole and then World Cup and where they passed us 10 times. Rain / drizzle much of the day, but ended the World Cup in the sunshine. Found shelter in a monastery for an hour to eat and dry us during the World Cup. At dinner we took near the hotel.

Myye mosquito in the hotel - many bites ­čśĺ.

30. Bike to Greve in Chianti. Let's get out of Florence (across the bridge Ponte Alla Carraia). Some rain showers. Had lunch at a local shop in Il Ferrone, where we hit Hans Selvaag from Minnesota who was going to ride Eroica. Great dinner in the evening. Less than 30km. Bed & Breakfast in Greve in Chianti - Bed & Breakfast Casale "Le Masse"

1. Started with puncture - string in the cover of Inge. Stopped and drank water in Panzano in Chianti. Lunch in Castellina in Chianti. Lovely buffe! Then to Siena - found out to Centro. Ate at Campo before we found the B & B. Finished the evening at the Irish pub to watch the Arsenal roll over Naples in CL - celebrated afterwards at the bar.

2. Let's get out of Siena. Coffee and ice in Monteriggioni. Lunch at Col del Val d'Elsa, and coffee break in Castel San Gimignano. Much uphill to Volterra. Took a panini on the square before we found the hotel. Dinner in town in the evening.

3. From Volterra. Took a water stop at Castel San Gimignano. Mildrid punctured at prison - the hose cracked at the valve. Arrived at San Gimignano early and ate lunch before we entered the hotel in the middle of the square. Bought bags and purse. Enjoyed good dinner in the evening. Took a grappa before we found the bed. Bought the Grappa glasses.

4. Went from San Gimignano and through Certaldo and had lunch at Fiano. Much up and down and very steep. Little traffic and great weather and nature. Took a coffee and ice in Ponterotto. Enjoyed a good afternoon at the lovely village house where we lived at San Casicano.

5. Maange short but steep baker. Found well thanks to the Android app that Bente had at Booking. Rain and heavy traffic last hour. Promote at the hotel at. 24:30.

Took a bus to town after lunch. Dinner with mushrooms as a main course. Finished with ice and coffee and with Grappa at Dumoen, before we took the bus back to the hotel.

6. Bike from hotel to airport - about 15 min :-)

30.09 Florence - Greve in Chianti 32.1 km 01.10 Greve in Chianti - Castellina in Chianti 21.0 km - Lunch - Castellina in Chianti - Quercegrossa 7.6 miles 02.10 Siena - Volterra 54.2 km (lived in two different places) 03.10 Volterra - San Gimignano 29.2 km (lived in the middle of the plaza) 04.10 San Gimignano - San Casciano in Val di Pesa 37.2 km 05.10 San Casciano in Val di Pesa - Firenze 25.2 km


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