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Bali Gran Fondo New York - Trial

149 km Distance
1,660 m Ascent
1,660 m Descent

(2 ratings)

Rode the track early January to be prepared for what to come. The track is not the official one, but I think is close to what it will be.  I started in Sanur around Hotel Mercure Area, meaning starting from Sanur Beach Hotel will lead to a slightly shorter track.  The final 8km from Gianyar to the costal road might be different as I took a small road through rise paddies. The race might stay on the main road. Should not be much of a difference though.

Average incline is 4%, manageable.  The crossing to Bangli has 2 steep but short climbs of 17%.

The long climb from Bangli to Kintamani is 3%-6% almost all the way up. The only downside is no shade, fully exposed to the sun, except for the last 3km which will be in the forrest and steeper - up to 10%.

Watch out at the Kintamai area when decending the few decends at high speed. The road has not much grip if wet and if you have to hit the break hard you might slip...

The major decent from Kintamai all the way to the costal road is safe to go at high speed. 

Hope this helps. See you on the 4th


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