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2014 Lago Maggiore and Lago d´Orta

373 km Distance
1,570 m Ascent
1,560 m Descent

(1 rating)

Cycle Tour 2014 Lago Maggiore ++


20. Went from Molde 11:35 and on to Milan at 6:30 pm (delayed). Traveled with Tove Finnøy and Otto Nygård who went to Milan / Riva. Dark as well as rain / thunder when we landed, so there was a taxi (100 euros) to the hotel Blue Relais in Castellotto / Dormellotto.

21. Castellotto Ticino - Stresa

Short trip to Stresa. Lunch in the center by the sea. Heavy rain when we sat there. Great hotel next to the center of Du Park de Pendenza. Cost us in the city in the afternoon and evening. Great tourist town! Boat rides to most places around the sea.

22. Stresa - Orta San Giulio

Started the day in gray and rain, but only a short while. Great trip along Lago Maggiore until we left Gravellona and cycled to the neighboring lake Lago d'Orta where we will stay for a few days in Orta San Giulio (great city!)

23. Orta San Giulio

Sometimes it's nice to use the day of resting for a hike. Today the journey went up to Mottarone (1426) between Lago d'Orta and Lago Maggiore. According to informed sources, we would have a view of seven of the lakes in the area. Especially..

Many cyclists had Mottarone as a goal.

Lunch in Armeno on the way down from the mountain.

Pizza in town in the evening. Just go home before a heavy rainy weather set in.

24. Orta San Giulio - Verbania (Pallanza)

Great bike day around Lago d'Orta, although the road on the south side was a little way from the sea. Were down the beautiful city of Pella and we had lunch in Omegna. Took a refreshment in the center (Intra) before we found the hotel. Lightning / thunder in the evening. Stayed in the Pallanza district - a great neighborhood with many hotels.

24. Verbania (Pallanza) - Cannobio

A short leg without hills, but with some narrow roads. Had homemade lunch at the harbor in town. Spent some time finding B & B Azalea. Great place and great city! Went up the river and sunbathed us before we went to town and had dinner. As yesterday we just got home before it bowed down.

25. Cannobio - Lucarno

Started the day in a drizzle, but last time it went fast. Slightly narrow roads, and we arrived just after a car accident after passing the border with Switzerland. No one was physically injured. Short leg. Amazing fireworks and party in town in the evening!

26. Lucarno - Verbina

Great start among many active along the beach in Lucarno. Took an apiretif in Verbina Intra before we rode back to Verbina Palanza where we spent the evening. Great and quiet place.

27. Verbina - Luino

Short and great bike ride. Some short tunnels, and narrow roads. Ferrari party with music in the evening.

  Departure Cannobio in the showers, but like the other day it went fast.

Arrival Ascona and Locarno. Good to leave the EU and come among like-minded ..

There are fast mileage cows when accidents occur along the narrow roads around the lakes. And then it's nice with a bike. Fortunately, no physical damage this time.

28. Luino - Laveno-Ponte Tresa

Short leg today up to the neighboring lake Lago di Lugano. Had to go through Switzerland again, so it became both "arrivederci" and "benvenuti" Italia today. Afternoon cruise along the sea to Capolago, with lunch in the Porto Ceresio swans. Also rack today just home before it bowed down.

29. Laveno Ponte-Tresa -

Thunderstorms all night, and we started the day in the rain shower. And it counted on the last move. Bike through Luino, but another road than last, through Laveno Mombello and to Cerro where we will stay for a few days at L'Angolo dei Pescatori. Small but great place.

30. Fun day with morning trip to Laveno Mombello, with inlaid hair clips. Lunch at the beach in Cerro.

31. Cerro - Cadrezzate - Angera

Bike in the Cathedral of S. Caterina del Sasso. Very special place. Then we went up to Lago di Monate and the city of Cadrezzate. Then drove down to the town of Ranco where we ate out lunch at the harbor. Arrived Angera early so we went for a beach trip. Great city.

1. Angera - Case Nuove

Thunderstorms and rain also in the night. Light rain till we arrived. Short stop at Sesto Calende. Found the hotel well. Sunbathe at the hotel and test the bike path to Terminal 1. Had a handsome chat with the rover Michael Brake and his mother from New Zealand. He had been in World Cup in Varese and became No. 2 (4's).

2. Cervo Hotel, Case Nouve - Malpensa Terminal 1

10 min easy cycling! Cycled in at the roundabout on arrival, and took the elevator up to departure :-) Begun to crash in what we got in the door. Lightning in the plane caused us to be delayed 3 hours late from Malpensa :-(


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