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Romania-Timisoara to Deva

203 km Distance
800 m Ascent
700 m Descent

(0 ratings)

Rode this route in July 2018: Roads 691, 682,   Road 691 between Timisoara and Freeway A1 is 10 miles of bumper to bumper traffic with big trucks, fast cars, no shoulder, two lane road in rough condition. We were able to get off this busy section a couple of times on short side roads, but all in all, this section was very dangerous to ride. Perhaps there are plans to improve the road in the future but at this time, we cannot recommend this route. After crossing over A1, there is much less traffic and the road surface improves for a while.  Then 691 was completely torn up and undergoing major construction most of the way to the junction with 682. Once the construction is completed, this may be a good route but until then, avoid it! From Lipova to Deva is marked as a scenic route but it too has many problems for cyclists. Road 7 is the only completely paved route through this part of the valley, hence, there is heavy truck and car traffic. We rode 682 & 707B most of the way to Deva. Some  parts are paved but long stretches are  absolutely horrible, potholed gravel and dirt roads that are brutal and slow to ride.  We got on 7 for a short stretch and it was scary!  Conclusion: This route between Timisoara and Deva is not recommended unless major improvements are made. We suggest looking at an alternative route between Timisoara and Deva via E70 to E673 as A1 is nearby and should carry the bulk of the traffic.


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