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Romania-Brasov to Curtea de Arges

140 km Distance
2,210 m Ascent
2,390 m Descent

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July-2018: The roads around Brasov are heavy with traffic and not pleasant to cycle. Hwy 73 to Bran was in bad condition and under construction in many parts. No shoulder. The more quiet and pleasant route, though some steep climbing, was over the mountain through Brasov ski area. After Bran, starts the most beautiful scenic mountain road all the way to Campulung. Excellent paving most of the route. No shoulder. Car traffic is moderate and some big trucks. Very winding and some steep grades. There is nice lodging in Rucar. Campulung has lodging but was not a pretty city. The route from Campulung to Curtea de Arges on 73C was very rough paving with many dangerous level changes in the road. Recommend extreme caution especially on the downhill stretches. No shoulder. Very curvy and steep grades. Moderate traffic and fewer trucks. Maybe staying on Hwy 73 and going the extra mileage would be safer and easier but we did not go that way. Too busy avoiding the sudden big bumps to get pictures! We actually did not enter Curtea but continued north on 7C and spent the night at Cetatea Poenari's  pleasant lodge. Ran out of GPS battery to record that last bit. Slightly uphill ride. 


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