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71 km Distance
330 m Ascent
330 m Descent

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Luzhou District, New Taipei City(蘆洲) → Dadaocheng(大稻埕) → Maokong(貓空)

English Description:

Fortunately over 95% of the road is bikeway, so there is nearly no vehicles. On the other hand, make sure to buy foods or drinks at Maokong to have enough supplies, there is no other places to buy. Scenery of Maokong is good, and there are lots of brunch restaurants and coffee shops. Lots of cycling teams have a coffee before going home.

Chinese Description:


Plus: if you use the gpx file on simple navigation bike head units like:garmin edge 130 or Bryton 330 or....which shows only one line on screen while navigation. They show nothing about street maps details(by the way, Bryton 330 is my bike head unit). There are checkpoints you might possibly go the wrong way. Pay attension to the pictures on this page, there are some photoshop red squares on the pictures pointing you to the right direction. Check them before your ride and you will be fine. I believe it is not possible to go the wrong way if using bikemap app or garmin edge 820 or garmin edge 1000 or even higher level head unit...which show very detail street map on screen for navigation.Good Luck! Welcome to contact me if you have any problem with navigation.

補充: 如果你使用gpx檔案導航而且使用簡易式的導航碼錶(如:garmin edge 130 or Bryton 330),這種碼錶在導航的時候只會顯示簡單的一條線,完全不會顯示任何街道的地圖(我就是使用Bryton 330)。因此你有可能走錯路!使用這些碼錶的車友請檢查一下此網頁上的圖片,圖片上有一些紅色的框框會告訴你該走的方向,出發之前看一下應該就沒問題了!如果你是使用手機bikemap app導航、或是用garmin edge 820, garmin edge 1000甚至更高級的碼錶來導航,我想應該不太可能走錯路,祝好運!導航有任何疑問歡迎發問!

English-Chinese mappings:

1.Luzhou District, New Taipei City:蘆洲




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