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Suggested route 1: Gearhead Bicycles to Sharp Park Pier

10 km Distance
50 m Ascent
90 m Descent

(3 ratings)

Suggested Route 1: Beginner/Intermediate

2 Hour rental recommemded 

At almost 6.5 miles one way this is a great ride from the shop. Mostly paved street/bike path with the option to ride some single track trail, this route has 2 minor elevation changes and beautiful views of pacifica and the ocean. Near shops and resturants, many opportunities to whale watch or have lunch with a view.

*Route that is listed shows easyiest trail option, for those who wish to stay on paved bike path continue on through Rockaway Quary that connects back to Hwy 1 making a left at the Moose Lodge will take you west toward the pier..

This route goes through GGNRA land with proper signage and facilities.


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