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Tour at Forcella Lerosa

32 km Distance
910 m Ascent
910 m Descent

(1 rating)

Description from ”Mountain biking in the Dolomites” book (Mauro Tumler):

For those intending to spend a longer holiday in the Dolomites, this tour is an ideal cycling introduction to the area. Most of the tour runs on the meticulously sign-posted Cortina–Dobbiaco cycle route, while the steep climb on technical terrain to the Forcella Lerosa requires a good amount of stamina. Reward is a nice single-track section with tight switchbacks from the Forcella to the Malga Ra Stua.


Just the landscape is reason enough to get out on a bike. even the physical effort is contained with an 810 metres climb. this tour derives its name from the Forcella Lerosa, located on a high altitude alp at the beginning of the Val de Gotres. A little wooden cross commemorates an Austrian military cemetery from the Big War. the Forcella Lerosa is a popular passage for cyclists to get to Marebbe in Alto Adige, riding through the Val Salata and the Rifugio Sennes.

Itinerary description

From ➊ cortina bus station (1220 m) take the sign-posted bicycle path in the direction of Dobbiaco; 1 km before the Passo di cima Banche cross the ➋ SS 51 and follow directions to Val di Gotres, and then take MtB route n. 10 to the ➌ Forcella Lerosa (2020 m). continue to ➍ Monte de Lerosa (1995 m) and from here to the left start descending on switchbacks ➎ to the Malga Ra Stua (1668 m, food available). continue on paved road to arrive at the ➏ S. Uberto car park (1449 m), and then on ➐ the village of Felizòn (1005 m), eventually riding past the ➑ Fiàmes hotel. At the camping olympia get back onto the road, cross it, and return to the starting point along the bicycle path.

Sign-posted MtB route N. 10 


Cortina, 1220 m


Cortina, 1220 m


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