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AIB2019 loop C: Vesterbro-CBS- Nørrebro

11 km Distance
10 m Ascent
10 m Descent

(5 ratings)

I built this route for the AIB conference. Two pieces of general advice for cycling in Denmark: 1) Stay on the right side of the cycle path to allow overtaking and 2) Use your hands to indicate you want to stop or change directions.

This route focuses on a few of Copenhagen's livelier spots, and also takes in CBS. Starting at Nyhavn and heading away from the water, turn left at Holbergsgade. At the end you reach Christiansborg where Danish parliament sits, as well as Børsen (the old stock exchange). Take a right here (Børsgade) along the water and continuing into Stormgade. You pass Tivoli gardens amusement park, then the central station. Follow Tietgensgade until the very end, turning right, then left in the roundabout into Halmtorvet. On your left is the old meatpacking district, now full of restaurants and bars. Take a right into Gasværksvej . You pass Istedgade which has traditionally house the city's red light district. At Vesterbrogade turn left, then take a right into Frederiksberg alle at the lights. Follow this street until the very end (in front of you is Frederiksberg Have, a large park that a/o house the zoo). Take a right into Allegade which becomes Falkoner Alle. On your left the Frederiksberg Center shopping mall appears. CBS is right behind this mall. At Frederiksberg Center take a right into the cycle path, you will follow this path as it winds through town (take care when crossing roads). Eventually you get back to the main road, taking a right at Jagtvej. You have now entered Nørrebro. On your right is Asistens Kirkegård a cemetery housing many famous Danes. Take a right at Nørrebrogade, continuing over the lakes into Fredensborggade. On your right you will see Torvehallerne, a covered market and a great stop for a drink or some food. At the end turn you rearch Nørreport station (Denmark's busiest, although all the action is underground), turn left here, followed by a quick right into Gothersgade. This street takes you to Kongens Nytorv. Once you cross this square you get back to Nyhavn.


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