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The Old Road to Tjåmotis

79 km Distance
293 m Ascent
293 m Descent

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This is a varied route with some good (new) tarmac, gravel, and forest road. If you have car, it´s possible to park along the road to Kvikkjokk. It doesn´t matter which direction you bike – counter-clockwise or clockwise. If you go counter-clockwise, you will hit the old forest road to Tjåmotis after the small village Nautijaur. The road is beautiful and you soon enter the Ultevis Nature Reserve with old pine forest. From the highest point you should see some of the high peaks in nearby Sarek National Park. From Tjåmotis it is tarmac road back to the beginning (about 30 km). The road follows the north shore of lake Skalkká and is very beautiful.

It´s possible to use gravel/cx or mtb!