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Celano - Secinaro - Rocca di Mezzo - Celano

81 km Distance
1,852 m Ascent
1,851 m Descent

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Very interesting route, I made few mistake when arrived in "Castelvecchio Subequo", but this made the route even more interesting, but slightly longer and thougher! You start from Celano that is a beautiful small city in the area called "Marsica" and you descent towards the "Altopiano del Fucino" (700m), from there you start your climb to "Valico di Forca Caruso" (1100m). From there you start a beautiful panoramic descent to "Castel di Ieri" (litterally translated Yesterday's Castle). From Castel di Ieri you reach Castelvecchio Subequo and from there you start a long climb that brings you from 450m to 1400m. You finally reach "Rocca di Mezzo" in the beautiful "Altopiano delle Rocche". From there you reach Ovindoli at 1300m and you start the final descent towards Celano.