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Tour > Bormio - Tirano - Forcola di Livigno - Livigno - Bormio

123 km Distance
2,770 m Ascent
2,780 m Descent

(2 ratings)

The tour departs from La Genzianella Bike Hotel 1215mt and leads you southern to Tirano.

The scenery is much different: palms grows here! We are at 450mt and are about to climb nearly 2000mt!

Just outside Tirano you will run parallel with the Swiss red Railway (UNESCO HERITAGE)

The road is not too steep here.

You will soon cross the Swiss border (remember to bring you passport)

and enter many little & quite villages such as Poschiavo and its lake.

Out of the towns the road climbs gently on sweepers and a surface which stays superb all the way.

Up to the tree-line, then the road gets consistently tighter,

but because it's a major road it's neither steep nor narrow.

The section near the top is absolutely brilliant - fast tight bends which turn into huge,

wide hairpins - just chuck the bike over and keep it there.

Just 2 km before reaching the top of Bernina Pass turn right

on Forcola Pass (2315mt) and lead to Livigno (duty free area).

A fast descent will conduct you to the alpine village.

New harpins are waiting. You will pass the hospital and you will be at a roundabout.

Take the first exit and start your climb again.

Around 10 harpin will conduct you to Passo Eira; another fast descent, an open tunnel, and a gentle climb of nearly 5km till Passo del Foscagno.

You are about to cross 2000mt for the third time today.

Bormio, its hot springs, and La Genzianella staff are ready to welcome you again. You surely need some rest!


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