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Bormio - Passo del Mortirolo

44 km Distance
1,340 m Ascent
710 m Descent

(1 rating)

The Mortirolo Pass is opened to traffic only in summertime, from May to September. It connects the two provinces Sondrio and Brescia and is a particular challenge to bikers, who prove their power on this steep Alpine pass.

In order to reach Mazzo di Valtellina (the starting point of this pass) follow the route SS38; south direction (follow the signs for Sondrio. Please pay attention just outside Bormio; the SS38 enters long & dark tunnels very dangerous for bikers. Keep the right side please and follow the signs for Cepina. This is the old SS38 and will gently conduct you to Mazzo di Tirano (near Tirano).

Since the old SS38 and Mortirolo are secondary roads, traffic is not too bad. Right passed Mazzo you find soon a very steep uphill stretch. After that, the road will lead constantly uphill through the woods, untill you reach a tiny village. Passed that, the road gets steeper again and you drive uphill again surrounded by trees. Only a few parts of the road are not in the wood, which you leave just before getting to the top. On the Mortirolo Pass you find a wonderful panorama of the surrounding valleys and mountains


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