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Find and create the best bike routes in Gibraltar with the bike route planner. The small British overseas territory is located at the peak of the Iberian peninsula. Due to Gibraltar’s location next to  and opposite Morocco (on the other side of the sea), it is possible to bike in three countries and two continents within one day. Its culture is also heavily influenced by those three countries’ culture.

Cycle Routes
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  • There are many tunnels and caves that were built due to Gibraltar’s military connections to Great Britain. St. Michael’s cave is an especially impressive cave where concerts take place quite often.

  • You can use the cable car to get to Gibraltar’s highest peak (alternatively, you can also tackle the road by bike, foot or car). On clear days, there is a spectacular view of Africa, Europe and Gibraltar’s surrounding area. In the cable car, you’ll hear an audio recording explaining Gibraltar’s history.

  • Gibraltar is the only place in Europe with free roaming monkeys. The berber monkeys aren’t shy and sometimes even climb on visitors. One should however one’s keep valuables safe as the monkeys like to steal them. It is also forbidden to feed the monkeys.


  • Gibraltar is very expensive. If you stay longer, it’ll save you a lot of money to book a hotel in Spanish La Linea on the other side of the border.

  • It is sunny and warm all year round. Perfect conditions for biking! But if you don’t like the heat, you shouldn’t come here during summer.

  • Spanish and English are mainly spoken in Gibraltar. You can also often hear the dialect Llanito.

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