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Moss Vale to Bairnsdale

625 km Distance
2,040 m Ascent
2,705 m Descent

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We did this ride in between 6-8 days (I can't quite remember) in the middle of winter. We didn't see any snow, but it was pretty exposed to the wind.


The landscape is pretty bleak between Cooma and the Vic/NSW border, due to horrific land clearing. Once you cross the border it's glorious rainforest (at least until Vic Forests have finished logging it).


Camping by the side of the road is largely ok, however in some farming areas it was a matter of finding a small patch of trees and asking the residents if we could camp on their land.


There's a fantastic Rail Trail from Orbost to Bairnsdale, and from there you can catch a train to Melbourne. If you've got time, cycling there via Wilsons Promontory would be ideal.