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Edinburgh (East route) to Rosslyn Chapel

16 km Distance
200 m Ascent
300 m Descent

(1 rating)

An easy, short, off the beaten track route which starts at the top of Leith Walk in the centre of Edinburgh with a short climb up Arthur’s Seat for a magnificent view of Holyrood Palace, the Scottish parliament, and Edinburgh Castle and then over the Firth of Forth to Fife and a horizon of extinct volcanoes. The Way then progresses mainly along surfaced former railway tracks quiet roads and forest paths to the famous Rosslyn Chapel, near Roslin south of Edinburgh. Treats along the way include Craigmillar Castle which once provided shelter for Mary, Queen of Scots, the magical Ellen’s Glen and the site of “Scotland’s Forgotten Battle” of Roslin in 1303.

Then you have the choice back into Edinburgh of an easy bus journey or taking the westerly 26 km ROSLIN VILLAGE TO EDINBURGH through the Pentland Hills and along canal paths.

Pubs and shops along the way.


Part of The Way of St Andrews-For detailed description and  other routes see


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