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2012 French Tour -- Ride Day 37-- 25 September 2012 -- Seyssins (Grenoble) to Corps-la-Salette

71 km Distance
1,490 m Ascent
770 m Descent

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What a superb ride today.  The scenery was fantastic and most of the route was perfect low traffic roads.  The only thing we lacked was sunshine.  We did have plenty of threatening clouds, from which we only felt a very few drops close to the finish.  And we had far too much head wind when we weren't sheltered by the terrain.  Several times during the climbing, the wind felt so strong that we doubted that we could have gone any faster had the road been flat.  With so little sunlight, I just hope that a few of the photos come out OK and do at least a little justice to the area.

Getting out of town had the usual hiccups.  Hoping that we could follow the excellent bike routes that we had found upon entering Grenoble, we followed some signs...that lead us first to an unpaved path, and then to a dead-end.  Once we found D1075, we were on good bike lanes until turning on to D529.  As this road had minor traffic it was a great route.  But the route really became fantastic after La Mure.  Simply outstanding low-traffic roads with incredible scenery.  Perfect riding.


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