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Sant'Angelo in Pontano circuit

39 km Distance
690 m Ascent
690 m Descent

(1 rating)

Visit Sant' Angelo in Pontano with three restaurants on our recommended list. Falerone is home to an archaeological museum for the Roman ruins down in the valley. Monte Corrada Vidon ?. Montapponne is an international centre for hat making with a museum of hats. Massa Fermana has a Crivelli painting and Loro Piceno is the home of vin cotto.

If you are doing this route on a hot day start early and possibly in Massa Fermana, this way you get the hard work done while the temperatures are cool.

The hills are mostly gentle. There is a short  12% gradient coming into Loro Piceno but otherwise not too steep. Navigation isn't a problem - just follow the road signs.

To lengthen the route(!) cycle from Casa Carotondo to Sant'Angelo in Pontano returning from there via Gualdo after doing the circuit. This adds another 24km and 500m of ascent.



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