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Uganda - Tanzania - Malawi

2372 km Distance
7,860 m Ascent
8,500 m Descent

(3 ratings)

Kampala – Lukaya  100km         Tarmarc

Lukaya - Mutukula  118km         Tarmarc - Tanzania

Mutukula – Kemondo Bay 90km   Tarmarc 90%

Kemondo Bay - Nymashere 110km  Tarmarc

Nymashere - Nyakanazi 114km   Tarmarc

Nyakanazi – Kibondo 101km     Gravel 

Kibondo - Mugombe 118km    Gravel/Steep

Mugombe - Kigoma  121km    Gravel 80%

Kigoma – Lagosa 120km    Gravel 80%

Lagosa – Katuma  105km   Steep path 40% - Gravel

Katuma - Mpanda  80km      Gravel

Mpanda - Kibaoni  100 km    Tarmarc 30% - Gravel 70% Pn Ketavi

Kibaoni - Chala   110 km  Gravel 60%/ Tarmac

Chala - Kaesenga 94km     Tarmarc80%    

Kaesenga - Myunga  90km  Tarmarc

Myunga - Tunduma 100km    Tarmarc

Tunduma - Chitipa 100km       Gravel/Path - Malawi

Chitipa – Nythalire 105km        Gravel sand and steep

Nythalire - Chilinda 65km    Gravel rocky and steep

Chilinda – Bolero 80km Path/Gravel rocky Nyika NP

Bolero - Nkhata Bay 135km       Tarmarc 90%

Nkhata bay - Kande Beach 60km  Tarmarc

Kande Beach - Ngala beach 65km Tarmarc

Ngala beach - Nkotakota 75km   Tarmarc