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The water route

64 km Distance
870 m Ascent
870 m Descent

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Coming up through the small villages, following signs to Jesenice along the main road, the first stop is Vintagar gorge. An amazing glacial gorge with pristine water, best to get there early, before 9am during the summer as there are so many tour buses after. Coming out of the gorge follow the main road to Jesenice, its a beautiful pass through two hill tops and down a fast pace winding road under the highway and over to town, wheich you can go through, turning again at the hospital to get to the bike path or sticking to the outside road, missing the town centre. The bike path is well maintained and runs along the highway through the forest. Once in Mojstrana follow signs to Slap Pericnik, youll pass a climbing face on your right and the tourist information centre on your right heading into the National Park. The office is great for history of the area, maps and public transport links and info. The waterfall is 5km from town into the park on gravel road, once you reach the waterfall area there is a short hike up to the falls, an incredible place for a picnic. The return route starts with a bitch of a hill, which is steep and winding, during the summer the trees shelter the road so well there is very little breeze till you reach the top. But its all worth it as you zoom down into the valley floor and the most spectacular Krma valley opens up infront of you. I have nearly crashed several times due to the distraction, the resturant here has possibly one of the best views in the world with the fairest prices. The ride back to Bled is through quiet forest roads with streams and rivers lining the trees, perfect bliss, especially on a hot day. There are several places to swim in the river before the final hill up from Krnica and the stunning view as you fly back down into bled.


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