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To the Secret Gorge

51 km Distance
680 m Ascent
680 m Descent

(1 rating)

This route leads you along the bike path, through Lesce, before turning towards the airport. Its main road through Lesce but once you get to the airport you have a choice of going through the fields on gravel paths or continuing up the road into Begunje. In Begunje there is Grad Kamen, a ruined castle set into the mountain which I had no idea was there till I cycled this route. Unlike the Bled Castle it is deserted, interesting and free and if your keeping to the tarmaced road route, you cycle straight path the entrance. The road continues up the hill and you skirt along a mountain road through small villages with a beautiful view of the Julian Alps and Bled behind you and the Austrian Alps ahead. There is a fantastic downhill through the forest from point 17 but as you get into Trzic, the turns get very sharp very quickly. Joining the main road through Trzic, as you get level with Hofer supermarket on your right, on the left is one of the best bakeries in the region, delicious, but always has a queue. Follow the main road, downhill and straight through town, you will start seeing signs for Dolzan Gorge and the national park. Follow the signs and you will soon be cycling up next to the river, after going through the stone tunnel you come to the first entrance to the gorge. Dismount and walk through the park, enjoy the numerous swimming holes, waterfalls, locals enjoying picnics and the absence of crowds and tourists. Cycling back to Bled, you get right into the farms and countryside. Coming back out of Trzic keep to the road on the right, going through Loka taking a sharp turn up a step but small incline past the school and playground to follow the road through town and into the countryside. The views from Brdo and Ljubno are stunning aswell as being beautiful little villages, caution on the road in Brdo as its sharp, fast and uneven. Follow the main road from Ljubno to Radovljica, there are a few alternative routes sign posted on the cycle roadway, the one maked it just my choice as I prefer to be in the fields than on main roads. If you go through Mosnje there are few signs and its confusing which way to go, head down to the river, over the bridge and then its a steep ascent back to the connecting road and next sign.


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