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Touring - Chiang Mai - Lamphun loop

134 km Distance
240 m Ascent
240 m Descent

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This tour takes us to the discovery of the region of Mae Wang - Chiang Mai and Lamphun. Divided over two days.

The first day 73 km: taking us to Thung Siao and continuing towards the Ping River that marks the border between the county of Chiang Mai and Lamphun with a visit to the Lost City of Wiang Tha Kan and the magnificent Temples that line the path. Arrived on the other side of the river we continue the tour on the part of Lamphun. You can not miss the visit of picturesque Temples known in the area. Continuing the tour and after lunch break, we continue towards the Monastery / Museum of Wat Huay Kan. Last kilometers of route to Ban Nam Phoe Pha to stop for the night at a local Guest House also enjoying good dinner and a pleasant sleep.

The second day 61 Km; after breakfast, we leave in the direction of Chom Thong, returning to the county of Chiang Mai. Visits to some of the known temples in the area before heading to Ban Sam Lang. Returning to Mae Wang, visit the Temple Museum of Ganesha Himal. Lunch and refreshments to then get back on the road to the countryside of Mae Wang and end of the tour.

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