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63 km Distance
1,870 m Ascent
1,870 m Descent

(2 ratings)

We’ll set out from Bormio to climb the legendary Stelvio, turning off at Umbrail pass to then make the beautiful descent into Switzerland. We circle back into Italy to make our second ascent of Stelvio on the classic side, which was the route of one of Coppi’s most famous victories – Stage 20 of the 1953 Giro. Coppi beat his Swiss rival Hugo Koblet over the Stelvio, sprinted to the finish to win the stage, taking the pink jersey from Koblet to win his record 5th Giro. Today - 15 September - is the 99th anniversary of his birth, so we’ll celebrate his birthday on the top of Stelvio. What better way to pay tribute to Coppi than by ascending epic Stelvio, the 2nd highest paved pass in Europe … twice!


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