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Porirua - Great Cycle Loops - Parks and Harbours

24 km Distance
250 m Ascent
240 m Descent

(1 rating)

This is a 24.26 km round trip tour through some of the scenic areas of Porirua, New Zealand. The loop takes you past the Porirua harbour, through Bothamley park, Whitby and round the Pauatahanui Inlet. There is much to see and do along the route so it makes for a good day out. Highlights along the route are:

  • Aotea Lagoon Park,
  • Police college museum
  • Gear homestead cafĂ© and gardens, ride through Adrenaline Forest
  • Bothamley Park
  • Whitby Walkways
  • Pauatahanui Cafes
  • Pauatahanui Wildlife Reserve
  • Te Ara Piko Pathway along the Pauatahanui Inlet
  • Camborne walkway along the colourful Mana boatsheds
  • Mana beach and Marina

90% of the route is over shared bike and walk ways. The route is easy going with a total ascent of 211.89 m and has a maximum elevation of 89.89 m. It is suitable for e-bikes.

Train stations at Paremata and Porirua are along the route

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