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After , Argentina is the second largest country in South America and is easily explored on the cycling routes that the bike route planner finds for you. The country got its name from the Latin word for “silver!, as the European conquerors expected to find grand treasures in the country. Cycling adventurers can also prepare for true natural treasures. The fascinating high mountain landscapes of the Andes, strange cactus-woods, deep gorges or subtropical rain forests make Argentina a true wonder of nature. The Andes, one of the world’s longest mountain ranges, make mountain bikers’ hearts beat faster. Gourmets on two wheels are attracted by charming colonial cities like Salte or Cachi offering delicious wines from the world’s highest vineyard and of course, fabulous steak.

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1,567,650 km
Mapped Ways
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41.3 million


  • Patagonia and its fascinating landscape. The 30-kilometre-long, 5-kilometre-wide and 60-metre-high glacier Perito Moreno which moves about 2 metres every day is doubtlessly the highlight. The movements lead to ice blocks the size of a house falling to the ground, a true spectacle of nature. In Patagonia, there are also many cycling trails.

  • The city Mendoza is located directly at the Andes’ base, close to the Aconcagua, South America’s highest mountain. The snow covered mountain range’s peak and the green vine branches are an impressive setting for bike trips.

  • The Reserva Faunística Península Valdés is one of South America’s most beautiful nature reserves. The local fauna is extraordinary: Sea lions, elephants, guanacos, rheas, magellan penguins, numerous sea birds. The biggest attraction is the endangered southern right whale.



  • When you are fed up with biking, you should learn to tango or watch others dancing.

  • “Thumbs up” is a vulgar gesture in Argentina.

  • In general, you can travel Argentina by bike all year long, with the exception of the extreme South (provinces Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego) where winters can get uncomfortably cold. Furthermore, summers in the North can get very rainy and humid at the same time. Spring and fall are thus the best time for your trip.

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